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How To Prepare For Your Vet Visit

1. Transport your pet in a safe, non-fearful way. If your pet is small enough, we recommend you carry your pet in a carrier. Be sure to get the carrier out a couple days before your visit so it won’t smell foreign. Clean it so it won’t have unfamiliar odors to it. Try to place some “piddle pads” inside to ensure the carrier and your pet stay clean in case your pet has an accident. Remember to strap the carrier to a seatbelt.

2. Don’t feed your pet prior to a vet visit.

3. Cover the carrier while you travel.

4. Call us prior to the visit to let us know if your pet does not do well at the vet. Do they get sick in the car? Do they get fearful or aggressive? We may be able to prescribe a medication or other remedy to make the visit calmer, including something for car sickness.

5. We recommend the “Thundershirt” for both dogs and cats, “Adaptil” collars for dogs, and “Feliway” for cats for traveling to the vet.

6. Bring your pet’s favorite toys and treats on their visit. Bring a favorite blanket or pillow.

7. Let us know if your pet is fearful or aggressive before coming. We will try to get them into a quiet place as soon as possible!

8. Be sure to bring a fecal sample if your pet is coming for an annual exam or especially if your pet is have abnormal gastrointestinal signs. If your pet is showing abnormal urination signs, bring a fresh urine sample or don’t let your pet urinate prior to walking into the hospital.

9. If your pet has gotten into something possible toxic, be sure to bring the packaging/label of that substance with you so we can accurately treat.

10. Let us know any other medications or diseases that your pet may have so that we can treat and prescribe medications in the safest way. Bring a copy of their records or any other previous reports that can help us get the most accurate history.

11. Please be on time! ( We will do our best to try to be on time too!!)